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Dating on the Whole30: What It’s Like

Dating on a diet can be summed up in one word: hard. And dating on the super-restrictive diet that is Whole30? Practically impossible. Of course, no one wants to come across as too picky or a Debbie Downer. And letting yourself (and your healthy habits) go can be so fun! …

Holiday Party Hairstyles That Are Super Easy

Let’s be real: The holidays are chaotic. There are always a million things going on, and sometimes (read: always) it’s hard to take time for yourself. But if you can gift yourself a few minutes to create a quick hairstyle, it’s sure to boost your confidence. You might also like …

Dry Skin and Hair: Tips for Winter

Winter doesn’t just suck the life out of you emotionally—it can also suck the life (and water) out of your skin and hair. While staying hydrated is super important, your skin and hair need extra protection against the elements. You might also like {{displayTitle}} READ We reached out to a …