Flourishing After the Christmas Rush

The anticipation is building this week. Every where you go, and everywhere online there are signs of people preparing: buying gifts, decorating cookies, traveling to see family, or adding one more touch of sparkle to the tree. But on December 26th, there can be a bit of a lull as our adrenaline runs down, we are faced with cleaning up, finding a new home for all the new toys and gifts and gearing up for back to school after the new year.

The cold and grey days ahead can all feel a little….flat. 

Its easy for moms to fall flat too. Don’t get caught in the post Christmas duldrums- instead, consider how can you flourish. How can you recover, restore and live with the hope of the Christmas season after it all ends?

Making a plan is a good place to start. 

This holiday season is all about engaging our hearts with the gift of God’s son, come to be with us, and rule in our hearts. Let the light of Christmas guide you as you recover from the holidays, and consider how God might be asking you to trust him to  lead you in flourishing with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. 


What will you love most? What will you prioritize? How will you show, or perhaps grow in affection? How will you keep Christ the first love of your life? 


How will you delight in the Lord? Feast? How will you enjoy Him? The personality God has given you is wonderful and unique- and He has created you with the capacity to love him and enjoy all the gifts he has given in art, music, nature, food and fellowship with others.


How will you cultivate the intellect God has given you in the new year? What will you read and learn? How will you grow? Who will you learn from or ask questions of?  How will you share what you know with those around you?


God is near as you grow in self-control, learn to manage emotions, train in physical strength and endurance, or when you overcome and persevere through difficulty. In what areas do you feel weak? How will you trust God to meet you and help you develop strength this winter?

These questions are only the beginning of flourishing, just the first layer of developing a habit of trusting in the four corners of our lives. When we flourish in these areas, we can worship God more fully and truly,

“Love the Lord with all your heart, will all your soul, with all your mind, and will all your strength,” -Luke 10:27

I’m cheering for you this Christmas and in the season to come,


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