Friends With God Story Bible {A Review}

At the end of each story, there is an up-close encounter with the main character. In this section, the Bible character gives a few parting thoughts for deeper consideration or personal application. There is also a challenging question or action step. Lastly, the readers are invited to scan the page to interact with the characters through the free app. We downloaded the free app and tried scanning the page to see what happened. The kids were spellbound. This is the first time we had seen this feature in a children’s bible. 

The app includes colorful collectable cards and mobile games designed to further strengthen the connection between the characters and the readers. The free app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Additionally, within the app, you will receive a devotional prompt with a simple idea for your family.

Children will be eager to study the pictures within the Friends with God Story Bible because they will discover welcoming faces and current illustrations. Different perspectives and bright pops of color repeat throughout the book. The text is easy to read and not overwhelmed by the illustrations. The faces of the animals and people are expressive and clear. My kids particularly were drawn to the feelings evoked from each countenance. 

The Friends with God Story Bible has an accompanying devotional book! This devotional has 54 devotions and engaging questions that will foster further thinking about how these characters are not just characters in a story, but real individuals who have had an experience with God.

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